Above photo of Abby Honeycutt

Abby is the most wonderful young lady!  She is pictured above on Hailey, a bay mare they purchased from us and that she started competing on over 4 years ago.  Abby's parents moved to Virginia due to her father's job and we miss them so much.  Abby has been very successful showing in the back east area in show jumping on Nelson now, see her other photos in the gallery.  The entire family comes to visit us every year and we have a great time!  

Special Events

We offer different types of events:

*Birthday horse parties

*Engagement Horse Rides

*Family Reunion parties, with a dutch oven dinner

*Horses for Weddings

*Horses for Senior or Family Photos

Text or Call Shauna

 (435) 668-9335

Overnight Horse Boarding

If you are traveling through the Southern Utah area, we offer overnight boarding for your horse(s) and trailer parking.  5 minutes to Hotels and lodging  Right off of the I-15 Freeway.  The fee is $20 per night, must provide Coggins /Health Certificate.  Call us for a reservation:  Shauna (435) 668-9335 or Bill (435) 669-2112

Horse Showing Attire

Shauna offers her seamstress knowledge and creates unique horse showing jackets, shirts, vests, leather chaps that will make you stand out in the show ring. 

 Contact her for a consultation to see what she can do for you.  

Horse Barn Trailer Products

Shauna offers custom hay bags, flymasks, tail bags, trailer bags (roping, horse products), brush bags, custom halters, bridles, breast collars, custom saddle pads (western/english)

Service Name


Service Name


What our customers are saying


This letter is in reference to my experience with Shauna Haskell as my equestrian trainer. I came to Shauna's barn as a novice rider in the year 2000 with an older horse which I rode western, if you can call if riding. I think she cringed every time I took off on the trail because she was worried about my safety. The day I asked her to give me lessons and help me to really learn how to ride was a happy day for both of us. She taught basic dressage and equitation to me AND my older gelding, as well as vastly improving my general horse-handling and care taking skills. Her first priority is safety of the rider and safety of the horse.

After two years of lessons with my old gelding, I couldn't ask him to go any further with dressage, so I acquired one of Shauna's young arabian geldings that she had trained. I would NEVER have considered getting a fresh young horse except that I knew Shauna had trained him, that she could vouch for him, and that she would be there to teach me to ride and handle him. I was fortunate enough to spend enough time around the barn with her to appreciate her gift for training both horse and rider and her vast experience with not only wonderful horses, but with "trouble" horses that people would bring to her to "fix." And fix them she did.

After two more years of training with Shauna, I felt comfortable enough to bring my horse home to my own barn and we have had a fantastic time together. She is always there to answer questions I have and to help me better understand my horse. Every time I trailer him out and ride him in the mountains I think of Shauna and send her a little mental "thank you" for giving ME the gift of safe and fun riding on a beautiful, well-mannered horse.


Karen N. Lee

Dammeron Valley, Utah  

Amy Honeycutt

Our family was unbelievably lucky to find Shauna Haskell. We could tell after our daughters first lesson that she was a right fit for us. She has a real passion for horses and her clients and their horses! Our daughter Abby had a little experience with horses but not a lot.  Shauna worked with her every week and even weekends if she had the time to make sure Abby was more than prepared for her first English Equestrian horse show. She taught her all about horse care, grooming, show prep, and how to deal with show jitters. Shauna is very knowledgeable about all areas of horse care, riding , and showing. As a family we learned so much from her that we decided to become horse owners ourselves and purchased two horses from her. We sadly had to move to another state after our second year with her, but because of Shauna, our daughter had no trouble at all transitioning into another barn with a new riding coach. We are still in contact with her because she also became a good family friend.

Amy Honeycutt Reference