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These are a few students at the CCEC show, Cate, Sammy and a girlfriend of Cate's waiting at the trailer after a long day of showing.  They all did very well in their classes all day!  

This is Bill on Diamond Doc's Dunnit our 12 year old chocolate palomino reining gelding.  Bill won his Open Western Pleasure Class with him before I took the photo as he was going back to the stalls in Hurricane.  This was the first time Bill had shown so we were pretty proud of the accomplishment of the 3rd generation rancher/cowboy and Doc for being a good boy in his class.  

Our First Blog Entry

December 15, 2017

We are proud to offer our new website to the community.   We have great instructors available and love to see our new students learn from the ground up and begin to blossom into great little/adult riders!   We look forward to the new year in 2018.  

Our Second Blog Entry

January 2, 2018

Happy New Year to everyone!  It has been beautiful weather for our lessons and I am overwhelmed with the progress our students are making in the last few months.  It will be a great year watching them all compete at the local shows here this year and we want them all to know how proud we are of them for their hard work ethic to improve and become better equestrians and partners to their own horse and on the facility horses they use.    

Our Latest Blog Entry

January 22, 2018

Well, we have been working on this website for over 4 months to make it the best for our current  boarding clients and future clients.  I hope that it is informative and answers most of the questions new clients may have.  We look forward to anyone's feed back or suggestions to make it better.  Our instructors love the students and continue to be awed at the natural talent that these young riders have and our mature students as well.  We welcome people to come out and watch them ride and our boarding clients at the facility anytime.